Steel case ammo is not necessarily good for any gas impingement rifle.  Tula and Wolf (the two foremost manufacturers of steel case ammo) are produced in countries whose rifle industry is predominantly made up of gas piston systems such as the AK-47.  These don’t cycle the gas all the way back through the rifle thereby keeping the dirty gas that is associated with steel case ammo out of the chamber.  The dirty powder will eventually erode the gas rings causing the bolt to lose the seal and permanently taking your rifle out of action until new rings are purchased and installed.  This is why our rifles don’t function as flawlessly as usual with steel ammo. There is also a lacquer coating on steel cases that will gum up in hot chamber that will cause even more issues.  Yes, you can cycle steel ammo through our rifles but you must keep in mind that this ammo is very untrustworthy and dirty. This can cause you some cycling issues because we do hold tighter tolerances for our systems. It may require more frequent and thorough cleaning of the chamber , gas system, and BCG. I would recommend, not just with our rifles, but any firearm, to use a good quality ammo.