2018 CORE Rifle Systems Pay it Forward Rebate Program

A special Thanks to our Troops and First Responders!

Beginning January 1st 2018 through March 31st 2018, Core Rifle Systems will launch the Pay It Forward Rebate Program. We want to pay it forward for our troops both past and current. We are excited to announce that our troops can now go to gun dealers around the country or visit our website and choose a new CORE Rifle and take advantage of this great opportunity.

After completing your purchase, you simply fill out the Pay it Forward Rebate Program form and return all required documents needed and CORE will write you a rebate check.. This offer includes $100 dollar rebate on select CORE Rifles, or a $50 dollar rebate on the purchase of select complete CORE Complete Uppers to all qualified applicants, and $25 rebate on the purchase of $200 or more CORE accessories. All CORE Scout variations and MAGPUL MLOK variations are not eligible

Pay it Forward Rebate Program

In order to take advantage of the Pay it Forward Campaign, customers must first make their purchase on our website or at an FFL dealer. Customers will need to provide a photo id, a dated sales receipt and a copy of their LES or DD214. If still in the military, we will need Military ID and a copy of their orders. There is a limit of five (5) firearms per calendar year. Please read the form carefully. This is open to all First Responders, Veterans, and the men and women currently serving in our armed forces.

Please continue to use the same protocol for department law enforcement purchases. Individual LE purchases will use the new program as described.

Any questions feel free to contact david@core15.com.


DOWNLOAD CORE Rifle Systems Pay it Forward Rebate Form

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