CORE15® .22 Long Rifle Uppers

What better way to shoot a .22 LR than shooting it through an AR platform? Core Rifle Systems would like to introduce its new series of dedicated .22 LR uppers.

Our .22 LR uppers are not just a “drop in conversion” but also rather a dedicated .22 rim fire upper. With the same feel and function as a standard AR-15, the .22 LR uppers from Core Rifle Systems will allow you to train with your existing lower receiver thus giving you an inexpensive way to make yourself more efficient with your weapon system.

CORE15 .22 LR uppers utilize the correct 1:16 t wist rate for the .22 LR round and eliminates the problem of fouling AR-15 gas tubes with dirty rimfire ammunition. Our .22 LR bolts are Nickel Boron coated to give them the utmost lubricity and efficiency while firing and making them easier to clean and maintain. CORE’s dedicated .22 rimfire uppers come with one (1) Black Dog Machine 26 rd. Magazine.

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