CORE Rifle Systems Newsletter: June 2014

CORE Ordnance

Fire for Effect!

As CORE Rifle Systems progressed with its own vertical integration, culminating in the manufacture of our own precision barrels, we saw the need to bring the final piece of the accuracy puzzle under our control. Enter CORE Ordnance. By combining the finest components availableammo in closely controlled, small-batch “boutique” grade ammunition, we have closed the loop in attaining perfectly repeatable accuracy and unquestioned terminal performance in a fully integrated long gun system. Whether your day involves punching holes in paper, reducing the local varmint population or anchoring an angry hog at close range, CORE Ordnance by CORE Rifle Systems has you covered.

Utilizing the finest projectiles available from today’s top manufacturers, including Hornady, Nosler and Lehigh Defense, and combining that with high quality Hogdon H110 powder, we have given shooters a wide variety of loads to choose from. Our 300 BLK ammunition is loaded from once fired Lake City 5.56 brass and our .223 is newly manufactured brass.

Sample packs and price sheets are being assembled and shipped to all of our rep groups immediately. The product was recently launched on and is available now.



Cerakote Finishbronze

New colors are popping!

As you know, CORE has recently introduced our new Cerakoted rifles. Our first successful run was the Sniper Grey TAC III rifle. We labeled this rifle as a limited run, who were we fooling? We went back for more in a big way! So now were into our summer time swing and that can only mean one thing,Burnt Bronze!

This color is very appealing and different in many ways. Colored rifle finishes as you know have become the “new black” this year. Get your orders placed now! These will go quick!


New Corporate website!

After many months of building and testing, our new corporate page is up and running. If you have not been to the new site, please visit it. We wanted this site to be user friendly in every way. In the past when you would search for CORE it would take you to our store front at We never looked like more than a sales generating web site. While viewing the new site,notice the changes we made.We now have a new “Law Enforcement” category. Our Product category is now in great detail. FAQ, Store Locator, News & Press and CORE Shop and Testimonials. We are adding items everyday. Check it often so that everyone stays apprised.


truck-trailerCORE Truck & Trailer

Scheduled Events?

Summer events are being planned right now! Please forward all planned events to as soon as you can. Keep in mind the events must be approved and that qualifying orders must be sent in ahead of time to allow us to prepare for the events. First and foremost, we like to showcase all of our products in the trailer. If a particular dealer is promoting certain CORE products, communicate those items so that we may have them available for the dealers. When setting up events, keep in mind the many CORE parts we sell to our many dealers. Many times we are approached by customers looking for charging handles, sights, hand guards and such. We are looking forward to the summer event schedules. Hope to see y’all soon!


shotgunnewscore-adShotgun News

July issue 2014

We are featuring CORE 30 product and CORE Uppers in next months issue of Shotgun News. Uppers continue to be a very strong sales focus through our second quarter. We have been asked many times if our C30 upper/lower receivers will ever go on sale. We love our CORE users and to answer their many requests, we can kindheartedly say, NOW AVAILABLE !



Guns & Ammo

August issue 2014

Guns & Ammo upcoming August edition. TAC III Sniper Grey and the new Burnt Bronze TAC III models are selling very well. Get your orders in now to ensure your quantities as well as our other offerings get to your shelves at once. Remember CORE parts and accessories too. CORE Rifle Systems offers everything from detent springs to muzzle brakes. Visit to see all of our products





did-u-knowDid you know?

NSSF survey says…

National Shooting Sports Foundation has done extensive research following the most recent market spike on Modular Sporting Rifles commonly known as MSR’s or AR15’s. The results are very conclusive and are very predictable to business trends as we are currently experiencing.

  • The average buyer spends $400 on after market purchases to accessorize their AR in a 12 month period. This includes charging handles, upgraded trigger guards, upgraded BCG’s, back-up sights, rails and rail height gas blocks.
  • Higher end upgrades include trigger upgrades, scopes, optics and sound suppression.
  • When it comes to aftermarket accessories for AR’s, 25% of the owners say their AR leaves the dealer heavily accessorized.
  • New owners make up 65% of the buyers and they leave with 1-3 new accessories with their new purchase.
  • Finally, 15% use their AR just as it was sold to them from the retailer.
  • Of all these purchasers, only 25% made an accessory purchase at the time of the sale.
  • 95% of all AR owners have used their AR at least once in a 12 month period of which 20% used it in some form of a hunting related activity.
  • 25% of all AR owners fired 1,000 rounds over the past year with 32% expecting to fire more than that in the next 12 months.
  • 76% of all AR owners say they generally shoot with at least one person where only 20% go alone.
  • Those AR owners who shoot often own multiple AR’s.
  • Nearly 50% of all AR owners are former military/law enforcement.
  • 52% of all AR owners paid under $1000 for their AR.
  • 39% of all AR owners bought their AR from a noted dealer.
  • 71% of all AR owners use a red dot optic or a scope.
  • 60% of all AR owners use a collapsible/folding stock.
  • 45% of all AR owners purchased their AR because of the companies care for the customer after the sale through their warranty.
  • The most important reason an AR owner made their purchase was ACCURACY!!

CORE Rifle Systems manufactures very high quality parts of which all are used in the production of our rifles. Dealers can feel confident by recommending these parts to their valuable customers! Our warranty is included on all of our parts!


CORE Rifles “Ranger Program”

enterancemockupA way to showcase our products

If your goal is to increase sales and provide your customers with a broad assortment of our most popular, professional grade firearms, then there is no better solution than offering your customer a highly trusted name in sporting tactical firearms, CORE® Rifle Systems.
We can assure you that our products will generate high demand and that your sales will increase as a result. The best sales tool… our product in your customer’s hand!
This year’s Core® “Ranger” Firearms Promotion Program includes our newest models and emphasizes both our gas impingement and piston firearms.

The CORE15® & CORE30® Rifles set the performance standard for mil-spec semi-automatic weapons in both the general public’s use and law enforcement agencies. Here at CORE® Rifle Systems, we have sharpened our program to make the CORE® Rifles even more appealing to you and your customers.
Our Ranger Program allows licensed FFL’s with a physical retail store as well as an on-site range, to purchase a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 25 CORE Rifles. Pricing is available through your CORE® Dealer Support Team and billing will be processed through them as well. Shipments will be shipped directly from CORE® Rifle Systems. To complete the ordering process simply complete the order form, choose your method of payment and place the order with your CORE® Rifle Systems Dealer Support Team for processing.

Attached to this letter you will find everything needed to participate. If you have further questions and would like to place an order, or need additional information on any one of our products please contact your CORE® Rifle Systems Dealer Sales Manager at:
1-352-401-9070 x 216.

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