Contrary to popular belief, your chamber needs to be cleaned before use. Our rifle chambers have match-grade chambers which are obviously tighter and are less forgiving with debris and dirt.  

When rifles are shipped out of our factory we have a protective coating in the chamber that protects against the possible long-term storage and debris from shipping.  This needs to be scrubbed and cleaned out or it will act as a suction/wedge that will prevent the rounds from extracting. 

The recommended tools for this job are a chamber brush and chamber mop (Fig.1).  The chamber mop is not mandatory but the chamber should be flushed after the brush, WD40 or an air hose will work.


If you have attempted to fire the rifle and an empty case is stuck in the chamber there are two ways to resolve this depending on the situation.  REMOVE MAGAZINE BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY TROUBLESHOOTING.

  1. If the bolt has ripped the lip of the casing off (Fig.2) then all that needs to be done is the bolt locked to the rear and a cleaning rod inserted down the bore to remove the casing.  
  2. If the bolt is still latched onto the round then whats known as “mortaring” will need to be done. ALL REGULAR SAFETY PRECAUTIONS SHOULD BE FOLLOWED!
    1. Close the butt-stock fully
    2. Point the muzzle to the sky
    3. While holding the handguard/ forearm and pulling down on the charging handle, pop the butt-stock on the ground with increasing force to dislodge the round.  

If you are confident the chamber has been thoroughly cleaned and you are still experiencing this malfunction then you may have a rough chamber that needs to be sent back.  Please fill out a claim ticket and we will get the rifle back here to be repaired.