The CORE Warranty

The CORE Warranty See. Shoot. Believe.

core-warranty A warranty. What else about a product says as much about how highly a maker values their own work? It’s a mark of integrity, an assurance that the person who built it believes in it enough to stand behind it. Lawyers, legalese and fine print have no place in it. And we feel ours both stands on its own and speaks for itself.

“The product you have just purchased has the simplest, most plainly written warranty you will ever read. This is no fine print.  This CORE Rifle Systems product has been manufactured and assembled with painstaking care and precision by proud US Veterans and Craftsman, trained by the best there is. If anything is not as it should be, accuracy included, if anything malfunctions, simply contact one of our professionals and we will work to make it right. If you are the 5th owner and the rifle has seen 40k+ rounds it simply… doesn’t… matter. We stand behind our rifles and we take care of our customers.  We will cover anything other than normal wear and tear, abuse or neglect. That is our promise and your assurance.”


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