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CORE Rifle Systems is dedicated to building the strongest, most dependable and loyal stocking dealer network in the industry. We realize it is the independent dealers who ultimately drive this business. While we are always happy to hear from new, perspective stocking dealers, we also invite you to check with one of our fine distributors for immediate shipments of our guns. If you’re an established dealer and would like to add the CORE Rifle Systems family of products to your shop, we’ll get you started with our stocking dealer program. Get started today by downloading and completing our credit applications and fax or email them to us. For your convenience the forms are “auto-fill”. Simply fill in the forms from your desktop. Save and print! You will also need to need to provide us with an FFL, State Resale Certificate. If you do not wish to apply for credit terms with CORE Rifle Systems , simply fill out the EZ PAY Application and return. Please include photos of your retail location.


  • Voice: (352) 401-9070 x 204
  • Fax number: (352) 401-9667
  • Attention: David Welch or

Application Forms

If you would like to discuss opportunities over the phone or email please contact David Welch (352-401-9070 x204 or email

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